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EBTech has been my only server in Sarnia. I used AOL while in Key West for a couple of years, but still used EBTech for my Outlook Express mail. I am using IROAMFREE while on vacation. It is wonderful to know that EBTech is extremely accommodating to us snowbirds. I have had on occasion needed to phone to Sarnia while on vacation, and the technical help that I received was absolutely the best. Thank you to all of you at EBTech!


HighSpeed DSL

EBTech HighSpeed DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) is Internet access that utilizes existing copper telephone lines already installed in your home. DSL can offer speeds up to 90 times faster than conventional dial-up; DSL is a digital signal which squeezes much more capacity out of a copper phone line than any analog modem.

Surf & Talk

With EBTech HighSpeed DSL you can be constantly connected to the Internet using existing phone lines in your home. This means instant connections and the ability to talk on the phone and browse the Internet at the same time.

Cost Effective

Compared to traditional dial-up service, EBTech HighSpeed provides a dedicated connection, up to 90 times faster, with no phone line tie-ups.





Rental Modem ($100 deposit)


Standard Modem (purchase only)


Premium Wireless Modem


Modem/Router Setup Fee


Extra Line Filters



$30.00 - Residential
$60.00 - Business

Prices do not include applicable taxes.
Please allow 5 business days for activation

Check Availability

Check the availability of high speed Internet access in your area! EBTech HighSpeed Internet is available throughout Ontario and Quebec - tell your family and friends!

Don’t have an active phone line, call us to learn how you can still enjoy HighSpeed service from EBTech without paying for a Bell line

Please enter your ten digit phone number with no dashes, i.e. 5193321234

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